Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well Unemployment days are winding down... I finally got a job! It only took more than a year. I am going to be working at Bloomingdale's in the Theory department - very excited! They basically asked me which department I wished I could work in and I got my wish!

So training starts August 31. It is all going to be a lot of hard work but I am so looking forward to it. I am hoping that people are slightly welcoming but we shall see!

Friday, July 18, 2008

OOooookay so I haven't really been as diligent about writing here... some days the vegetable-like tv/couch coma sets in and I can't really do anything... some days I try and plow through everything from working out, cleaning up and laundry to working on my resume, cover letters and applying to jobs...

For the most part things have been pretty discouraging. I am trying to think outside of the box and think of what else I can do - am I ever going to get hired? Between feeling badly about myself and my self worth and then everyone spooked about the economy it can be hard to feel positive - some days it doesn't happen at all - ugh!! It also hasn't helped that I haven't really been getting a lot of response to any of the jobs I have applied to and haven't gone on that many interviews....

I went on one interview last week - a little depressing... I prepared and read the website. prepared questions, strengths, and all that jazz. I went in and spoke to the hr person. After we spoke she went out to find the person that I was supposed to interview, she couldn't find the person and said that I would have to come back because she could not find her.... I then got word from the recruiter that I didn't have enough experience...

If anyone is actually reading this I want to remind you that a lot of what we hear about the economy is fueled by the media. I think it is important to remember that there was a time that the media actually convinced a large portion of this country that invading Iraq was a good idea - hindsight is 20-20 right? So - I implore you, think positively about the country, the economy and everything - it can only help!

Ok moving on... I have been trying to keep going. I have updated my resume - it is much less dense and I re posted them on all the boards and have applied to a bunch more jobs. I went to the outplacement service/center that was provided to me as a part of my severance. I am so glad that I decided to do this. Not only did it help me to get out of the house and be productive, but there were also really helpful classes and really great consultants that were very helpful. Today was the last day there and it was a little sad that I am done.

On the the job front, I had a successful phone interview yesterday and am having a face to face a week from Monday. And then out of the blue I had another successful phone interview today which turned into an in person interview on Tuesday. I also had been thinking about real estate since I have a license - and I am meeting with a Real Estate broker on Monday to see if I want to be her assistant.So I am trying - I am trying... I am trying!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ok - so last week I was walking through my lobby and my doorman was like,"Hey, are you on vacation?" hehe I said,"No, unfortunately I was laid off and I don't have a job right now..." "Awwww.... (awkward silence) I am sorry to hear that..."

I was on the elevator the other morning at a time that I would normally be leaving for work and instead had my gym clothes on - motivated to work out early that day. My neighbor on my floor got on the elevator with me." Ohhh do you have the day off?" She smiled. "Ummm... actually I am looking for a job right now..." he he.. uhhhh "Sorry.." smile fading...

Then Thursday I had an interview I was looking forward to it, preparing. Wednesdaymy best friend calls me at the end of the day... "I lost my job..." Nooooooooooo

Ok world - can we get back to normal already? Alright, great :)

So - last week working out every day and eating better. Getting outside everyday and being productive. How did I even have time for a job before? I feel so busy.. hehe

I had my personal trainer yesterday morning (I had 5 left with him at the location near my former office that I already paid for and need to use...) which was great.

I paid for the Corporate Challenge (for people that don't know it is a 5K race in Central Park sponsored by JP Morgan - Corporate stiffs all get out there and some run some walk) my former colleague and head of the running club got my t-shirt and number and gave them to me.... I am going to run the Un-Corporate Challenge! Well, I thought that it was either Tuesday or Wed night which I could have done... but Thomson is running Thursday so... maybe I will just try and run Wed and hope no-one notices- there are thousands and thousands of people.

Today I met with a recruiter who sounded positve about my background and I have a phone interview at 1... I haven't heard anything about the interview I went on on Thursday... so I mean it is cool to have this time off and hang out with my cat but I just worry about a month from now when my severance runs out and I am trying to live on unemploment which would not be cute ;)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Ok - so I didn't do laundry but I would say that I am getting a little bit better...

I actually worked out this morning... although I need to choose a different time to go I think. There is this older couple that work out anywhere between 10 and 11:30... the lady is very sour and gave me crap about the TV being on even though I could barely hear it. She reads a book on the bike... I can't do that while running lady - ok? Anyway, I got there first so tough cookies lady! I turned it down... I can't help it that I am working out during retired couple workout time!

Anyway, I met Jay for lunch - thereby getting me out of the house! Yes I showered and left the house - I get props. It was nice to have such a nice lunch companion - not like Pretzel is going to miss me... for long ;)

I had a phone interview with an HR person at an interesting company that went well - I got called back to come in on Friday for an interview. This will be the first one I go on... I wonder how my suit looks - I'll have to try it on. Hopefully it is a little cooler than it is today.

I also spoke to a recruiter this morning about another decent sounding position... I wish I could approach this as a vacation but it is hard to not be nervous about the uncertainty...

Soooo - it is ok that I haven't done the laundry and cleaning that I promised myself I would do - I have time!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ok fill in the blank:
If I didn't have to go to work today I would_____.

I am sure it would not include watching inane tv (including Rachel Ray, What Not to Wear (can someone nominate me so I can get new clothes), and the Food Network...), shopping online (hello you can just do that at work!), and snuggling/spooning with fat lazy cat...

One upside is that I don't even have any food to nosh on - I haven't gone food shopping since I have been back. Otherwise I probably would be mindlessly snacking.

I am backsliding into non-productiveness which is not great. I mean I shouldn't beat myself up but the only thing that is getting me out of the house today is going to Westchester to see my mother and her cousin from Israel.

Oh yeah - all that time to work out and plan healthy meals - it is already almost 2 and I haven't done shit... I just showered and am contemplating not going anywhere due to lack of motivation and feeling of laziness...

You always think that if you had all this time you would do all these things! But I guess I feel like I have a cloud over my head right now and it is hard to shake.

Ok - I vow to exercise tomorrow and try and make a list of a few things I should aim to accomplish... today I will make myself go to Westchester to see mom...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So here I am in FL... Just got here yesterday... not too bad for just losing my job, I know.

So the basically is 2 companies merged... I drank the Koolaid and bowed to the new corporate logo and I was cast away into the unholy land... for secretly praying to another god/idol? But I feel OK because it was nothing personal, you know, that's life baby and it sucks... HA

Anyway, this is a time of change? maybe? I could do new things! Maybe all of the things I had been meaning to do the last 4 years instead of reporting to work and doing my duty... or something of that nature... I could be artistic and send my voice out into the world! Look world here is my stupid collage!! And it is marvelous and stupid! Yes - all the many wonderful creative things I could do...

Hopefully things I will not do include: watching hours and hours of daytime television in my pajamas, wasting time instant messaging everyone (hello that was my last job people), and watching youtube crap all day...

Things I do want to do include: Spend my free time wisely, create things (anything: stupid poems, drawings, songs doodles whatever...), eat better (there is nothing more depressing than being unemployed AND a fat ass), ummm exercise - run Lola run - run your out of work ass all over!

In the meantime: I am in FL and I plan on sort of job hunting, fixing my resume, working on some tan (but not too crispy folks - no need to get wrinkles and all that other fun stuff), pool time, beach time and best friend time!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh wow - check me out... it is March and I realized the Jenny C is not for me! It was really hard to eat that food... and when I couldn't eat it the plan was not that clear on what to eat when you eat on your own or whatever... Soooooo back to Weight Watchers. One and a half weeks and I lost 4.6 pounds. I think (hope) that this works.. cannot be a fat whore... summer is not that far!!

I decided that this blog is a little heavy on the dieting... which is FINE but really there are so many other things to write garbage about - isn't there?

Like... I just cleaned out my closet and dressers and got rid of 3 huge lawn size garbage bags of clothes... and yet find it almost impossible not to buy more stuff. Last weekend my roomate and I got into a frenzy about rain boots - I mean I HAD been wanting to get a pair of rain boots for a while now. Walking around NYC when it is pouring tends to get your shoes pretty soggy... and there are those cute English boots that I have seen... and then my roomate was talking about them and they were sold out in many places in most colors... and then all of a sudden we both have this urgency for these boots - WE NEED THESE HUNTER BOOTS NOW!! So we both are on the internet furiously searching and after some research and some phonecalls my roomate found a store on the upper east side that had them, had them in our sizes, and in an assortment of colors!

We schlepped to this store, that turned out to be a very strange store... it was a store for ladies that live on the upper east side and want to dress like the Queen? Kind of frumpy and rain gear or something? Anyway, we are trying on colors and different sizes and the woman that worked there could not even feign interest or preference as we modeled these rain boots in various colors in the corner of this store for maybe an hour? hahaha (we are insane!!)